Strokes of Genius Painting is elated to be featured in the January issue of Ottawa Life Magazine, on stands now. Click the above image to enlarge and read a scan of the article.

(There is also an online version of the story here. In addition to the profile, we were mentioned in a Community Clip about our recent volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity, National Capital Region chapter.)

We're excited about the good press and we hope it will help us transform even more homes this spring!

The other night while watching TV, I was accosted by saw an ad for Kentucky Fried Chicken (or wait... was it Kitchen Fresh Chicken?) In any case, although the above image is obviously photoshopped, it does represent the commercial's aesthetic pretty accurately.

Which begs the question: KFC, do you really think that if you fill the background of your ads with iceberg lettuce and raw potatoes, we'll forget that you're trying to sell us fatty, deep-fried chicken and french fries?

To the person who only managed to eat 4 bites of their peanut butter sandwich on the way to work this morning, that parking ticket will just be insult to injury.